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recognizing the needs of the youngest who serve
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Welcome to We are the co-authors and the illustrator of

 "When Mommy's Job Is Far Away" our picture book aims to strengthen bonds, and promote positive emotional health of military families during deployment. The book is a story of resilience and love about a family of foxes in

service to their country. We follow Mother Foxtrot through orders, preparation, deployment and reintegration.

Our book contains an entertaining story for children and weaves easy ideas, activities

and advice throughout for caregivers.  


For media information or if you would like to book us for an event, please use the "get in touch" button. 

The "Foxtrot Family" series hopes to grow and support all the

socio-emotional needs of military families with young children.  


Jennifer Glancy (Goin) 

Jennifer & Vonnette decided to write "When Mommy's Job is Far Away" because they believe that supportive material should come in an easy to read and understand format.  Additionally, they sought to fill a need for children's literature which reflects the rapidly growing number of women in the military. 

Jennifer was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. She has a Bachelors Degree in Educational Studies. She accepted a job as a military nanny. Living with the Monteith family became a grand adventure which lasted five years. In that period she moved with them four times Washington DC,  Leavenworth KS, Watertown, NY and then finally to Alexandria, VA where she met her beloved husband Jeff.  Jennifer now resides in sunny Riverview, FL.  She loves singing, photography, teaching preschool, reading, theater, family and her puppies Oliver & Harper. 


Vonnette Monteith 

Vonnette is a busy mother of four children, proud veteran of the United States Army and professional chef/restaurateur. She lives in Watertown, NY just outside of FT. Drum (home of the 10th Mountain Division)

Born in  Pasadena, California, Vonnette grew up in Silverton, Oregon. She went on to graduate from The United States Military Academy, West Point, NY in 1991. 

Vonnette is a unifier, her sense of civic pride and devotion to God, family and community are underscored by the philanthropic undertakings, the positions of leadership she has held  and the friendships she's made in the various communities she has called home. She enjoys travel and is a true citizen of the world. LTC (R)  Vonnette Monteith retired from the US. Army in 2015 however her sacrifice and service will continue, her two eldest children have  joined her in the family  legacy of military service. 



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Alexandra Dan

Alexandra Dan has spent many years in art schools studying industrial design, graphic design, scenography and screen printing.  Alexandra creates unique hand-made crafts, loves food photography and the world wide culinary culture. Her style is inspired by Art Nouveau, Asian art and pop culture.


While she is adept in many artistic mediums her passion lies in making colorful illustrations and decorative portraits. 

Alexandra's Illustrations embody the heart and mission of our books.


Alexandra's Work & Contact Page


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